I’m sorry for not being sorry

There’s nothing apologetic about me
I’m free and I am me
It took a while to see the beauty inside of me

But if you want me to say I’m sorry
I’m sorry… for not being sorry

I know it took time
More then only mine
But it takes a lot of darkness for the light to shine

So instead of saying sorry I want to thank you for believing in me
For recognizing the light that I was yet unable to see

I wish I could erase the pain it did cost
And the precious time we thereby have lost
That was the high price it took
But when you start writing you can only imagine the ending of the book

I am therefore not sorry for fucking things up
You can’t expect a toddler to instantly walk
It’s all in the process, we live and we grow
But a flower that takes 5 years to bloom, is a hell of a show

I’ll never be sorry for the quest I went on
It’s in the struggle where you get strong
And it’s only at the end you can see where you belong

Well maybe there’s one thing I would truly regret
The only sign that I wish I misread
The gleam of a promise that seems to have fled
I’m sorry our happily ever after was less for good than for bad

Now we’re at the end of this journey. The outcome of the fight
‘Cos the lost princess was rescued by her inner knight
Please let’s forget what went wrong of was right
Now it’s time to celebrate the light

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